2020 Q4 Goals Recap

Hi lovelies, and welcome back to the blog.

We’re ending out another quarter, so it’s time for another goals recap post. It isn’t quite the end of the quarter yet, so some of these goals may still be completed in the few days before we end out the year.

If you remember from last time, I set some goals at the beginning of Q4. As a refresher, they looked like this.

Now, my Trello board looks like this.

Not bad, right? A decent amount of completed tasks, plus some extras added in. Let’s go over it in more detail.


I completed 35/38 tasks in this section. I only had goals for prepping my latest vampire WiP and nothing for actually writing the thing. I am almost finished with the draft, though I did get stuck about a week ago and haven’t yet gotten unstuck because I got a new desk and my entire office got rearranged.


I bombed out on doing much of anything in this category. I did participate in Pitch Wars again this quarter, but otherwise, these tasks, as I mentioned aren’t high priority since I don’t have any contracts or agents interested in my work. I wanted to query so many agents. I haven’t yet. It doesn’t mean in the next 11 days I won’t get a few more queries out, but I am 3/51 in this category. 


I didn’t do terribly in this category. I have one more blog post planned for the year and I’m already in the process of drafting it, so right now that category is showing as incomplete but by the end of the year I’ll have it completed. As of right now, 21/30.

Travel, Training, Meetings

I was able to go to more writing group meetings in Q4. We do them once a month so I was able to complete this task 2/2.


I talked at the beginning of the quarter about how I wanted to make sure I was actually doing things that brought me joy to make my mental health a priority in this quarter, but was having a hard time tracking it beyond, “Yeah I guess I feel fine.” There were 13 weeks in this quarter and I wanted to have 13 or more completed items over a number of different tasks. I am 13/13 for this goal, and 17/21 for the category overall. Let me show you what this looks like.

Um, actually looking at this list I’m still missing accountings for things. I took a week of vacation time and spent it with my family. I also DM’d more than just two SW5e sessions this quarter. And I had friends over an entire day one weekend to bake cookies for the holidays. It was a decently busy quarter, but in any case, I made the 13 I was hoping for, and then some.

Quarter 4 totals (so far)

Looking at everything, I accomplished 78/142 tasks, at roughly 55% completion. While that isn’t my biggest quarter, I feel totally secure in the fact that I completed NaNoWriMo and I still was able to slow down and rest. 

Looking Ahead

In the coming weeks on the blog I am going to be recapping all of 2020, and starting in 2021 we will set some new goals for the year, the quarter, and I will unveil my focus word for the year. 

How was your quarter, and particularly how was your year? Let us know in the comments below!

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