2021 Q3 Goal Setting

Hello Lovelies, and welcome back to the blog.

It’s a new quarter, which means it’s time to set some new goals, so let’s jump straight in.

Here we are back at the Kanban-style Trello Board. If you’ve been here a while, you’ll already be familiar with this, but for those that aren’t, I use Trello as a digital sort of Kanban board. I still have categories for my tasks, but I don’t use the “to do, doing, done” modifiers. They all just stay on their lists and I modify the cards within them with checklist tasks that are small and actionable. In other words, either I complete them or I don’t.

I’ve already talked about my yearly goals in another post, so let’s jump right in and you’ll see how my quarterly goals match up with the goals I set at the beginning of the year.


I mentioned in my last post that I needed to figure some worldbuilding elements out on my backend. I have a lot of urban fantasy stories that are loosely set in the same universe, and I need to work out how they all fit together more concretely. I don’t have a specific set of goals yet for this. I’m not even sure how much I’ll want to accomplish for a win. I so far just have the different groups lined out and need to work some things out.


I have an idea that I want to do some more writing contests this quarter. I don’t yet know which ones they are, but I’m leaving this category there to remind me to look into doing some. 


I am going to continue to write weekly blog posts. Already in writing this one I have one in the books.

I also host a weekly podcast, again, this week’s episode is already live.

Travel, Training, Meetings

I have a local writing group whose meetings I try to attend whenever work allows. I am going to continue trying to attend these meetings throughout this quarter.

Have you set goals for Q2 yet? What are they? Let us all know in the comments below, and we can keep each other accountable!

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