Year of Genre

This year, I want to mainly talk about genre, and specifically about the different types of genres, as well as what isn’t genre. There is a lot to learn this year can be useful to you in regard to genre, so please stay tuned.

If you want to follow along, you can download a free pdf at the end of the blog post that outlines not only the main genres, but the little intermediate genres that the main genres encompass. So let’s dive in.

Let me outline the rest of the year. We will go in-depth all year into these in future posts, so if any of this seems unfamiliar to you, don’t worry about it.

What this year will entail, assuming everything goes as planned:


What Genre Is


What Genre Isn’t

What Makes Genre Important?

5 Types of Genre

Folktale Genre Overview


Tall Tale Genre

Myths Versus Legends

Genre of Myth


Legends as Genre

Fairy Tales Versus Fables

Fairy Tale Genre

The Fable Genre


Poetry Genre Overview

Lyric Poetry Genre

Narrative Poetry Genre

Dramatic Poetry


Drama as a Literary Genre

Tragedy as a Literary Genre

Comedy as a Literary Genre


Farce as a Genre

The Nonfiction Genre Overview

Narrative Nonfiction

Expository Nonfiction


Descriptive Nonfiction

Persuasive Nonfiction

Overview of Fiction as a Genre

The Romance Genre


The Crime Genre

The Historical Fiction Genre

The Inspirational Fiction Genre


The Western Fiction Genre

The Science Fiction Genre

The Horror Fiction Genre

The Fantasy Fiction Genre


Expect NaNoWriMo content all month, including How to Write a Novel in a Month


Things that Aren’t Genre

Year of Genre Recap

This year is going to be a fun ride, and I hope you will come along for the journey. If you want your very own PDF to follow along, you can grab those pages totally for free by clicking the link below!


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