2022 Q2 Goals Recap

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Hello Lovelies, and welcome back to the blog. We’re ending out another quarter, so it’s time for another goals recap post. 

If you remember from last time, I set some goals at the beginning of Q2. As a refresher, they looked like this.

Now, my Trello board looks like this.

Let’s go over it in more detail.

Writing – 21/68 Goals Completed – 31%

I know I said last quarter that I should have broken this goal up only into the ones I thought I’d complete this quarter, but really, it isn’t my style. I continued work on my outline and started the rewrite of the first book since I completed the outline this quarter.

Business – 1/3 Goals Completed – 33%

As with last quarter, my intention was to add one new product to my Etsy shop per month. This serves two purposes. One is that I continue to build my Etsy shop more intentionally than I have been since I started it. The other is that it forces me to get comfortable with talking about my shop and products here on the blog. I did work on a few bigger downloadable posters, but never got around to finishing or posting them, and haven’t had new ideas since.

On that topic, if you have writing-related downloadable items like infographics, spreadsheets, or something of that nature that you have ideas for and think others might be willing to pay a small amount to have already designed for them, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what they are so that I can look into creating them for you in the future! Definitely tell me in the comments section of this post!

June Entry to the Shop: Sticker 5 Pack

I made these stickers for my Discord server that I share with my personal writing group because we unlocked some free sticker slots. These digital files are useful in your digital planner, or set them up to print them in a sheet for physical planners and to give out as badges to your own writing group.

Sticker 5 Pack

Marketing – 26/26 Goals Completed – 100%

As is usual, I intended to keep up with both my blog and my podcast by posting at a rate of one blog or episode per week. I have done that without fail, even getting a few weeks ahead in some cases, and having them ready to post on a schedule rather than whenever I have a moment to get it written last minute over the weekend.

Travel, Training, Meetings – 6/9 Goals Completed – 66%

My local writing group continues to hold meetings once a month and I continue to not go to them. A few months ago when I recommitted to the meetings I was sure I wanted to try a little harder to make them, but now, for all the reasons I’ve already given in previous goals posts, I really am not. I knew if I didn’t make a single meeting again this quarter I needed to just call it quits and admit that they weren’t the writing group for me, no matter how much I want a writing group and I like them all as individuals. It’s been a solid year of missed meetings and I think by now I need to just cut my losses.

Not originally in this category, but which I talked about in my goal setting post is my state writing meeting which took place kind of far away from me this year and happened in June. It is also hella expensive, looking to cost over $200 for (early bird) conference fees (over $300.00 if I didn’t have money saved up or make a decision in the first month of Q2), plus rooms, plus gas and food.

Some friends of ours allowed my husband and I to crash on their couch and play Elden Ring with their kids every evening all weekend, then watch ghost hunting episodes every night until we were dead tired. I am eternally grateful I got to go to the conference this year, and had a blast.

Quarter 4 Overall – 54/106 Goals Completed – 51%

Overall not a terrible quarter. I got a lot done and had about an average productive quarter. I’m coming out of this quarter feeling run down and burned out due to some life things not to do with my writing life, but I’m excited to set new goals for next quarter and get even further through this rewrite.

Discussion Questions

  1. How often do you set goals and how often do you check in with them?
  2. How was your quarter? 
  3. How many goals did you set and how many of them were you able to accomplish?
  4. Do you find that setting goals helps or hurts your personal productivity?
  5. What is one main goal you want to focus on for the next quarter?

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