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Hello Lovelies, and welcome back to the blog. Last week started the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, and even in years where I have no specific project or aren’t wholly committed to the challenge, I often still love talking about my experiences with the entire NaNoWriMo month. This week, I want to talk specifically about things you can participate in during NaNoWriMo that will help you get the words in. Let’s get started.

What is NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is a challenge that takes place every year throughout the entire month of November. Writers attempt to start a new novel or project on November 1st and write a novel during the month. A novel, for the challenge’s purpose, is loosely defined as 50,000 words, so the goal is to reach that amount of new words written before the challenge closes on December 1st at Midnight. 

What Are Regions?

NaNoWriMo offers writers a number of regions in which they can select and participate from. Join a region to find local events. Once joined, you’ll begin to get updates from your local Municipal Liaison (a volunteer who manages the region)! You can join as many regions as you like, but only one region can be marked as your home region. Your first region is your home region by default, but you can change that region at any time.

Where Can You Find a Writing Community?

A Writing Group is comprised of 3 to 20 fellow writers to communicate and share encouragement with and can

operate year-round. To find fellow writers and join a Writing Group, check out the “Writing Groups Assemble” forums. There, you can request to join a Writing Group and secure an invitation from a Writing Group Administrator. To create your own Writing Group, go to the My Groups page and click the button labeled “Create a Writing Group”. You can then recruit members through the forum linked above, or by typing in usernames on your new group page. There is no limit to how many Writing Groups you can join, so your options for building community are limitless!

What is a Come Write In?

A Come Write In (or a write-in for short) is an in-person or virtual event where authors attend specifically to write their novel with other writers. Write-ins happen in physical community spaces like libraries, bookstores, or community centers, while virtual write-ins might be held on places like Discord, Facebook, or Twitter. Whether in-person, virtually or a combination of the two, Come Write In is a great way to bring people together and support a culture of creative fellowship.

Next Week

Next week, we are continuing to talk about the National Novel Writing Month. I hope you are doing well and writing all the words! Stay tuned for more on NaNoWriMo, coming your way throughout November!

Discussion Questions

  1. How do you prepare for NaNoWriMo season?
  2. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Why or why not?
  3. Have you participated in NaNoWriMo in years before, and if so, what was your favorite part of participating?
  4. What winner goodies are you most looking forward to nabbing this year?
  5. What writing questions would you like to have me answer in a blog post or podcast episode? 

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