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Please consider clicking on any of the following links in order to look at or buy products. I only affiliate with products and services that I personally use, so if you see anything on this page, you can be assured that I personally endorse using it. This is a simple and easy way to obtain things that you are already looking for and need, while also supporting my work. New things will be added to each category when I find more things that I love, so feel free to have a browse!

Books, Ebooks, and Audiobooks

Want to read more books, including mine, for free? Check out the Kindle Unlimited 6, 12 and 24-month membership plans. Enjoy unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks, and unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks. Read on any device. 

Listen to your books with Audible and get two free audiobooks. Sign up for an Audible 30-day Free Trial. Audible, an Amazon company, offers the world’s largest selection of digital audiobooks and spoken word content. With Audible, customers can listen anytime and anywhere to professionally-narrated audiobooks across a wide range of genres. 

Want to Gift an Audible Membership? No problem. Perfect as last minute gifts or for those who have it all. 


If you’re into Kanban style boards, Trello is for sure the thing for you. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. I use Trello to plot novels, organize edits, and, most recently, work on my quarterly goals.


Eye Buy Direct sells prescription glasses and sunglasses, as well as accessories. They make it super simple to upload your prescription information, and virtually try on all of their glasses. Their customer service has been helpful to me in the past when I accidentally broke a pair of my glasses due to the fact that I am usually quite hard on them. This link will also give you $10 in credit to start shopping.

Stitch Fix is a subscription-style box that I’ve been seeing online, and have decided to give them a try. I hate shopping for clothes because I never know what’s going to look good on me. Plus, the thought of stepping foot into a MALL or a BIG BOX STORE is panic-inducing, so I just don’t. Stitchfix attempts to pair you with a stylist that would match your style and body type to cute clothing selections. You only have to tell it your sizes and style preferences once, and your stylist will send you a box. Keep anything you like, and anything you don’t like, you can ship back free of charge. Only pay for the stuff you keep. Anyway, using my link will get you $25.00 in free credit, and your first styling is free.

File Storage

We’ve all been in that sickening moment when you lose a piece of your work because you didn’t back up your file. Dropbox is a free program that attempts to fix that by automatically backing up any changes you make into the cloud so you never lose your data. If you are using Scrivener, Dropbox is essential. Make an account for free using my link, and you’ll get an extra 500 mb of space.


Humble Bundle monthly subscription sends a curated bundle of games sent to your inbox every month. Redeem on Steam and keep them forever. 30/30 codes remaining!

Prime membership now includes exclusive benefits on Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts. 


TouchTunes is an app that allows you to play music at jukeboxes around the globe. You’d probably be surprised at just how many there are. The link will give you 5 free bonus plays at a jukebox of your choice.

Listen to tens of millions of songs on any device anywhere, available for both Prime and Non-Prime members with Amazon Music Unlimited. Start your 30-Day Free Trial today. 

Extra Savings Across the Web

Fiverr is a neat website that allows people to connect and contract out work for, you got it, a $5 bill. While some users offer their services at higher prices, you can get a lot of work done that you don’t want to have to do for yourself for pretty cheap. If you need an editor, someone to format your book interior, mock you up some cover art, or even take a look at your website and help you out with your blog, you can typically find someone on Fiverr who will do it. This link will get you 20% off your first purchase.

Honey is an integration that I use with my web browser that automatically combs the web to check and try various coupon codes during checkout on all websites. This process only takes a few extra seconds and has saved me real money, without the hassle of combing the net myself or clipping coupons. On Amazon and several other sites, it also automatically checks the price of the item you are looking at and will alert you if it finds the same product with a lower price being sold by another seller. It will even swap the lower priced item with the item in your cart with just one click.

Ever wanted to invest in the stock market? RobinHood makes it easy with all the research at your fingertips. Claim this stock now without investing money first.

Square is a device that allows credit card payments to be taken through the phone, pc, or mobile app with the use of a mag stripe reader or a chip reader. When you activate a Square account through my link, you can process up to $1,000 in credit card sales for free.

Want to try out Amazon Prime? Here’s a 30-day Free Trial. Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes, borrow Kindle books, unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists, and get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size). 

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