Year of Genre

This year, I want to mainly talk about genre, and specifically about the different types of genres, as well as what isn't genre. There is a lot to learn this year can be useful to you in regard to genre, so please stay tuned. If you want to follow along, you can download a free pdf at the end of the blog post that outlines not only the main genres, but the little intermediate genres that the main genres encompass. So let’s dive in.

2022 Focus Word

been choosing a single word to represent the type of things I want to hone in on and cultivate in my own life. Essentially, you choose one word, phrase, or song, and use that to focus your intentions throughout the entire year. I call this my focus word, and it has helped shape and define my path.

Year of Drafting

In this post we're going to briefly recap all the things we've learned about writing drafts and about revising them throughout the year. If you've missed any of these lessons, you can find them all linked on the blog.

Self Care for Writers

going to win. The challenge is still fun, and the spirit of NaNoWriMo is still very exciting for me, so I decided my participation was going to be worth doing on it’s own. This week I am trying to keep up with my own self care so that I am able to sustain my creativity throughout the length of my latest project. 

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