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Rachel Cooper is an Author of Fiction who especially loves to write New Adult Urban Fantasy, Children’s Science Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Adult High Fantasy.

Originally from the white sand beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, Rachel moved to Wyoming when she was 23 and got her AA in Western American Studies from Central Wyoming College in order to pursue a passion for Archaeology.

After spending several summers far afield in places like Yellowstone National Park, Rachel settled down in Riverton, Wyoming, and took a job managing a Car Wash, where she quickly moved into training, and later, ordering for the entire family-owned car wash chain. While at the car wash, Rachel took up another passion, novel writing, and hasn’t looked back since.

In her spare time, Rachel is a player and Dungeon Master in two different 5e tabletop campaigns, one a traditional Dungeons and Dragons, and one a Star Wars campaign. She loves finding old video games in garage sales, plays hardcore RPG’s and JRPG’s like Xenosaga, Persona, and .hack//, and reads over 130 books per year.

Rachel is a Slytherin, a huge Toklien nerd, and will remind you near constantly that you should never go into a fight with a Sicilian when death is on the line. She also sings, plays the flute, piccolo, and alto saxophone, and is teaching herself bass guitar and ukulele.

You’ll usually find Rachel in quiet moments at her home, under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot tea in hand, and with her cat on her lap, listening to her husband Curtis play one of his eleven guitars.

Rachel is available for collaboration on the following projects:


-Sponsored blogs, vlogs, and social posts

-Online events and online meet and greets

-Photos and video shoots

-Other projects that help tell your story to my engaged audience

All content created will be promoted with at least one Instagram story, single post, or gallery. Rates will vary based on scope of work, usage, and exclusivity, but please reach out to me with all budget levels. I would love to learn more about your objectives and figure out ways we can work together within your budget. Contact me at for serious inquiries.

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