3 Ways Playing Your D&D Campaign Can Help Your Writing

Write Your World I think the most compelling way a tabletop player can use their game to inform their writing is to literally write about the adventures in your world. Recap each session while it's fresh in your mind. I tend to include any Natural 20's or 1's in my recap, as well as fun …

5 Ways DMing or GMing Your D&D Campaign Can Help Your Writing

Explore Characters Tabletop games are great. As a DM, you can make and explore any amount of characters that you want to. If you have a fun concept character, but no story to tell for them, or if you want to get to know them really well before you start writing, consider making them an …

5 Ways Players Can Use Writing for a D&D Campaign

Are you a writer who also plays a tabletop campaign like Dungeons & Dragons? Have you ever thought about how your writing and your campaign go hand in hand? Hi, I'm Zoe, and I'm a writer and a Dungeon Master for a traditional 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game, as well as a Star Wars …

Plan Your Hour

Is there a system out there that is better than the Pomodoro Method?

I've talked about my love/hate relationship with the Pomodoro technique multiple times on the blog now. I love learning new methods for productivity, and am always looking for another way to hack or otherwise motivate myself into getting work done, yet I find that there are always drawbacks to each system.

One weekend, I was thinking about this, and came up with a new system that I hadn't ever heard of before.

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