5 Pillars of Genre

Hello Lovelies, and welcome to the blog. Today I want to go over the five biggest genre categories that encompass nearly every book you will ever write. There are a few exceptions, but these main categories are considered the five pillars of genre. Genre is a tool that you can use at any stage of the writing process, not just at the marketing end, and these genre categories will be the basis of what I’m going to be talking about for the rest of the year. So let’s dive in.

What Genre Isn’t

Hello Lovelies, and welcome to the second talk on genre. Last week, we talked about what is a genre and why it matters. Today I want to spend some time defining something a little more controversial, and that is, what is not considered a genre. 

What is Genre?

the rest of the year on genre. I am specifically going to be talking about the literary genres, but keep in mind that there are musical genres, movie genres, and genres of many different types, and they are worth looking into if you are interested in writing music, writing for movies and television, or if some other writing style applies.

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