Beat Procrastination

Hello Lovelies, and welcome back to the blog. I’ve been talking this month about NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month. Even in years where I have no specific project or aren’t wholly committed to the challenge, I often still love talking about my experiences with the entire NaNoWriMo month. This week, I want to talk about something that I’ve been experiencing this week as the writing has gotten difficult and I finished my draft of a children’s novel early and before hitting 50,000 words. Specifically, I want to talk about that little insidious habit we all get into called procrastination and how I’m getting myself out of it. Let’s get started.

Save the Cat Beat Sheet – Case Study

Want an example of how the Save the Cat Beat Sheet is used? Let's go over one of my favorite movies of all time, Big Hero 6! Opening Image: The film opens with the sprawling city of Sanfransokyo, a city that resembles San Francisco blended with Tokyo and other Japanese culture. Set-Up: Hiro Hamada spends …

Beat Sheet (Save the Cat!) – Plot Theory

Ever heard of Save the Cat? Ever wonder who the cat even is, and why it needs saving? The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet breaks down three-act screenplay structure into 15 bite-size, manageable sections called beats, each with a specific goal for your overall story. Below is an explanation of each beat. The page numbers are …

The Hero’s Journey – Case Study

Hello and welcome back to the blog, lovelies. Today we're going to walk through The Hero's Journey. Also called the Monomyth, this plot method was developed by Joseph Campbell, and if you need a refresher, you can visit my post about it The Hero’s Journey – Plot Theory. In general, you can think of the Monomyth …

Heart Breathings – Plot Theory

I'm back this week with another plotting method that I just learned and totally love. This one is from author Sarah Cannon of Heart Breathings and her entire plotting method can be found over on YouTube, starting with this video. So I highly recommend checking her out and subscribing to her channel!

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