5 Editing Apps for Writers

Pro Writing Aid

My go-to app for all my editing needs. I purchased the lifetime account about two years ago now, and it has completely changed the level of errors within my drafts. With a web interface and a downloadable program, you can edit your work on the go. Click through each of the tabs to catch different types of errors, such as readability, cliche’s, and dialogue. Try it for free by visiting their website.

Final Draft

If you are a screenwriter, this is the software for you. Final Draft automatically paginates and formats your script to industry standards allowing writers to focus on what they do best: writing. Mark and review all changes to take a script through production. Set your revision colors, lock pages, omit scenes. There’s a 30 day free trial, just go to their website to find out more.


Is similar to Scrivener in that it is a writing tool, however, with Novlr, you have access to more stats which can count and enumerate your writing across all your projects. It also has the editing features built-in which Scrivener lacks. Though they do have a two week free trial, Novlr only costs $10.00 a month, making it an affordable choice if you are bootstrapping your work.

Hemingway App

If you like writing clear, concise prose, the Hemingway Editor is probably the one you’d like most. Paste your chapters into the web interface, or use it to draft. The Editor will highlight with different colors improvements to make with each scene. It counts your words and gives you a readability score based on how many errors your text contains. The web app is totally free, and they also have a downloadable version for Mac and PC that costs less than $20.00.


I don’t know where to start with the utility of this app. Grammarly can integrate itself into whichever browser you’re using to catch spelling and grammatical errors on the web. From Facebook to Slack, Gmail and more. It can integrate into Microsoft Office, be a keyboard for your phone, install onto your iPad, and also has its own desktop app. Use their basic plan for free, or choose an upgraded plan for even more editing features.

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